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Bring value to your customers through best in class personal finance tools. Unify financial services, engage with your customers, grow your business with nowadays technology

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Shape your own solution and improve your customer experience

The traditional customer interaction model is dead. Next generation customer interaction is an ecosystem of valuable tools and services, driven by the latest technology. Accessible for the customer of today, built with the customer of tomorrow in mind.

Elevate your business

Connect with the best in class financial services

We want to enable you to build your own unique ecosystem of (financial) products and services to bring value to your customers and optimize engagement. To enable this, we offer customizable and intelligent API technology:

  • Budget

    Empower your customers with a solution to manage their finances

  • Open Banking

    Allow your customers to connect to over 4500 banks in 20 European countries

  • Cancellation

    Help your customers to cancel subscriptions and save money

  • Cashback

    Give access to unlimited personalised deals to help your customers to get more value for their money

Sniptech provides a single API for all personal finance services

We provide a single, intuitive, multi-purpose API solution that empowers you to pick and choose the right tools to improve your customers’ experience and help them to get more out of their budget.

As a gateway to personal finance services, we meet the challenge of the ever-evolving digitized consumer experience by providing a secure, one- stop shop API on customer platforms.

  • Unify

    Seamless integration of our best-in-class financial services into your app or website through a single access point.

  • Engage

    Build a 360 experience on your platform to motivate your customers to engage.

  • Grow

    Rapidly increase the functionality of your app with easy and accessible technology to grow your business.

Get ready for tomorrow's consumer by shaping your next solution with Sniptech

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