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Our values

  • Progressive

    We aren’t just talking tech, we are tech.

  • Innovators

    We’ve assembled a team that is continually pursuing ways to grow our position in the FinTech space.

  • Bold

    We aren’t afraid to make calculated leaps where others have yet to go.

  • Balance

    Happy employees do better work.

Our team

  • Erik Drijkoningen

    Managing Director

  • Frank Schuitemaker

    Managing Director

  • James Moree

    Lead Engineer

  • Armando Platero

    Manager Southern Europe

  • Erik van Dongen

    Product Owner

  • Joost Danse

    Transition Manager

  • Shirley Zheng

    Product Owner

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With our years of experience in the industry, we are using our knowledge to enhance what works and throw away what doesn’t. We lay the technological foundation to create the future we want and seamlessly adapt to whatever future the FinTech landscape throws at us. And for this, we are looking for new team members.

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