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Is 90 days really the best cashback apps can do?

90 days is a long time in this fast-paced digital world. 3 months is long enough for a company to go out of business. But that’s how long it takes for cashback companies to pay out their customers.

We get it, you have your hands tied. Customer payments can only happen after the merchant’s payout policy and product refund period. But this is also the central reason cashback companies face lagging customer acquisition and retention. It’s time to get serious. If we put man on the moon, we can beat the 90 day cashback barrier.

You may have the best cashback package, with the best discounts available. 

But that doesn’t matter if your customer gets their money back three months later.

With so many competitors, by the time the customer has seen your service end-to-end, they’ve probably forgotten the company they used. They probably forgot the savings you worked hard to deliver. But that’s the core function of your business, can you really risk that?

At SnipTech, we are on a mission to change the rules of the game for cashback companies.

We have epically cut down the payout period to get money into the wallets of customers before they forget who you are. Want to know how we do it? We pre-finance the customer. We really are here to shake things up and change the game.

Do you know what else we do?

We create personalised deals for your customers. 

We know cashback apps can do better than 90 days. Because SnipTech’s cashback API changed the rules of the game.

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