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PFM apps are pulling a heavy load uphill

Too many personal finance management apps are burning themselves out trying to optimise the same services their competition already offers.

So what’s the end result? It’s a lot of effort to not stand out.
Yes, customer drop off is a serious threat to any budgeting app trying to boost their margins. But to rise up the food chain, you need to offer a service that truly outshines the competition.
To do this, you need to go back to your roots. A budgeting app helps customers spend less. But spending less isn’t just cutting on unnecessary expenses, it also means buying products at the best price.
At Sniptech, we are using our tech insights and know-how to create paradigm shifting solutions for personal finance companies.
One solution SnipTech offers personal finance apps is our cashback API:

  • Provides access to the best cashback deals in Europe
  • Designed to build customer retention
  • Fully integrated in less than two weeks
  • Cheaper than doing it in-house

Our cherry on top. Combined with PSD2 data, we can personalise your cashback deals for your customers.

That’s paradigm shifting – a deal your customer actually wants.

Whether it’s higher relevance, customer retention, or building another revenue stream, our cashback API is a feature that separates you from your competitors.
You could keep grinding it out alone, or you could take a load off with Sniptech.

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