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What is the next evolutionary step for comparison websites?

It’s not finding an even better deal for your customers. You’ve already done that. You’ve done it to death. If there’s a hot deal, you and your competition are on it. We get it, you nailed it.
But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to take a gigantic leap forward. You need to bring back the spontaneity of window shopping. You need to close deals the moment the customer is looking at it.
So what’s the friction? Why do so many customers drop off at the last moment?
It’s the headache of cancelling existing contracts.
Our solution is simple and easy to explain. We do one-click subscription cancellation on your website, that’s confirmed in a minute. With your platform, and our technology, you can give customers an instant “switch and save” service.
Via our API, you’ll bypass the learning curve and integrate our cancel button in less than two weeks. It’s cheaper than doing it in-house, because we have done the hard yards for you.
At SnipTech, we cut out the fluff, and offer a straight path forward for customer growth.

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Use cases -

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